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Product Spotlight LED Parking Lot Lights


Parking lot lighting is often a very time-consuming and expensive process, but provides added security and safety to a commercial area. With the rise of LED technology, many common issues with installation have been simplified or resolved, and the added savings of switching to LED means lower energy bills and a quicker return on your investment!

HTM Lighting Solutions’s LED Parking Lot Fixtures are UL Listed and DLC Qualified to meet state and federal regulations and are eligible for additional rebate programs. These are available in different wattage options, voltages, and mounting types for a variety of different projects.


100W LED Parking Lot Fixtures

As a 250W MH replacement, these are available in 100-277VAC and put out 14,000 lumens in a bright 5000K Cool White. These are ideal for lighting smaller parking lots or those with 15-20ft poles to ensure proper lighting levels.

150W LED Parking Lot Fixtures

Our most versatile and commonly used LED parking lot fixture is the 150W option for a 400 - 500W MH replacement. Emitting 21,000 lumens, this well-rounded fixture can be mounted as high as 30ft in most medium or large sized parking lots. Available in either 100-277VAC or 277-480VAC, most typical parking lots will be brighter and safer with these fixtures.

300W LED Parking Lot Fixtures

For exceptionally large or spaced out parking lots that require an extra punch of light, our 300W LED option is the way to go! As a 1000W MH replacement with 42,000 lumens and able to be mounted on poles up to 60ft, these are some of the brightest and most efficient fixtures available for use with parking lot lighting! These are also incredible replacements for sports lighting, able to light up most standard single and double tennis courts, basketball courts, and pickleball courts! With 100-277VAC and 277-480VAC options, just about any sized lot can be lit up to its maximum potential!

Mounting Types

With different pole materials, diameters, and even shapes, finding the right mount for the job can sometimes be difficult, expensive, or even just confusing. Thankfully, our LED Parking Lot Fixtures have mounts that can be swapped as needed to fit just about any job! The fixtures’ design also allows for an adjustable vertical tilt to maximize brightness for any application!

Adjustable Split-Fit Mount

Also known as a slip fitter mount, these allow for mounting or slipping over an existing tenon typically located at the top of a concrete or fiberglass pole. Our fixtures are all compatible with 2-3/8in tenons, and we also offer a variety of Tenon Adapters to maximize the number of fixtures on a single pole.

Direct Mount

Much like the name implies, direct mount fixtures allow for bolting a fixture directly to a metal pole. Our direct mount fixtures can be used on both round and square poles thanks to the removable silicone plate on the mount.

Flood Mount

The most versatile mounting type, these can be mounted on concrete walls and ceilings to shine down and out onto most surfaces! Perfect for smaller strip malls, these can mount directly onto the storefront and provide bright lighting without the need for existing poles.

Additional Features

These fixtures all include a 3-Prong Photocell Cap located at the top for use with Dusk-to-Dawn capabilities. If wiring to a timer, we also offer our Twist-Lock Shorting Caps instead.

All of these fixtures are rated IP65 for use in wet locations, and guarantee up to 50,000 life hours backed by our 5-Year hassle free warranty! Feel free to check out some of our other articles, including How to Determine the Number of Fixtures Needed in a Parking Lot. We also offer LED retrofit photometric layouts and even energy cost comparisons based on existing fixtures to maximize your savings! Please feel free to reach out to us with your next parking lot lighting project by emailing us at or by giving us a call at (813) 649-8899.

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  • Michael Tomas