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Tips On How To Choose The Right Barn Lights


Once again, original barn lights have become a style statement in design and architecture. While there’s still no exact definition of ‘barn lighting’, such lighting fixtures comprise of a wide shade made of a metal encasement and pointed downward.

A long ‘goose-neck’ is often attached to these lights hence barn lights are also known as gooseneck lighting fixtures. This is one reason why retailers and lighting fixture distributors provide their shoppers with gooseneck lights when they ask for vintage barn light fixtures because, inherently, it’s the same. 

In the following, we highlight how to restore existing vintage barn lights and how to choose the right ones as well.

How to Restore Vintage Barn Lights

Finding genuine artifact original barn lights is possible. The same concept of reclaiming vintage barn lights is generally applied (the same used to restore warehouse and school-house lights); in fact, a small industry is devoted to the cause. You can either take your genuine lighting fixtures to craftsmen who’ll salvage and re-claim the retro barn lights or head over to HTM Lighting and purchase an exact replica of the original for half the price.

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Vintage Barn Lights

Choosing the right gooseneck lighting fixtures from any manufacturer of commercial lighting fixtures is quite simple. Consider the following:

1.     The Area You Want To Light Up

Can you visualize the area you want the fixture to light up? People use vintage barn lights to light a sign on a retail storefront, flood an entryway, or even just to provide ambient light in a setting.

Do you want the fixture to provide light outside or inside? Do you want the light to offer a functional purpose or an aesthetic one? You’ll find the right gooseneck fixture and bulb depending on what the answer is going to be.

2.     Measure the Space Available

Barn light fixtures tend to extend even further up and out, as compared to standard lighting fixtures. This is because of their long ‘goosenecks’ but also due to the design. Select the space you want to have the lighting fixture installed and measure it.

3.     Canopy of Barn Fixture Should be Measured

You’ll have a problem in your hands if the junction box of the lighting fixture is square in shape as most barn lights are round canopied. This is why measuring the junction box is very important when light fixture hunting. Opt for a fixture that has a large canopy diameter, as compared to the largest edge.

When ordering vintage barn lights from HTM Lighting, be sure to view all the available options and ask about alternatives.

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  • Hugo Merminod