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What Is Considered When Deciding Safe Street Lighting? Find Out!

led parking lot When discussing safe street lighting, whether it be for a small city, or a major highway, the same questions still arries; safe for whom?

While determining safe street lighting, the answer to whom it will be safe for, needs to be greatly considered and brought into play as it needs to be safe for motorists, pedestrians, businesses, and even residences that live on or nearby that street. While everyone will have their own idea on what requirements make street lighting safe, there are some main key factors that play a role in this decision.

led shoe box lightsWhen living on a main street and not tucked back in a neighborhood, residents as well as pedestrians request lighting on walkways and crossings be bright and not have any shadows or dark corners that allow dangerous elements to hide, however, they don't want blinding lights shining into their homes either. With new LED technology that has emerged in the lighting world, LED Shoe Box fixtures have options for directional LED chips that control exactly where the light is shined rather than relying on reflectors like with old lighting fixtures. While these light pollution and dark corner concerns don't really have as much importance in comparison to other safety concerns, they are still very much taken into consideration.

The most considered concern when deciding on safe street lighting is the motorists; the people actually driving and operating vehicles on this road. When driving on a road at night, whether you're familiar with it or not, being able to safely see oncoming traffic, your surroundings, and possible road hazards are a requirement and greatly accommodated for. The uniformity of the lighting throughout the street and intersections are important as well as many drivers experience eye fatigue and strain when trying to decipher objects and shadows.

LED Shoe Box fixtures used alongside streets should always be in the highest CRI range and the correct color temperature to create the easiest visible conditions, and eliminate alternating lighting levels for their motorists as not being able to properly see is one of the most known causes for accidents. When using these LED fixtures, the intended and surrounding areas will be uniformly illuminated and provide the best visibility for the motorists and pedestrians, all while not polluting light to surrounding areas as the fixtures are designed to shine only where directed towards.

saving electricityAll the safety concerns and requirements aside, these LED Street Lighting fixtures are benefiting the cities they are installed in as well as they are much more energy efficient, and have a much longer lifespan without needing maintenance, thus saving electricity and money.

HTM Lighting Solutions LED Shoe Box fixtures are a smart, safe, and affordable option to your street lighting, which are always in stock and ship free same day, so your project doesn't have to wait! We want to see your lighting project turn into a success, and can help walk you through the process of choosing, purchasing, and installing your new LED Shoe Box fixtures, so do not hesitate to reach out to a sales representative today!

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