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AirPark North LED Retrofit Case Study


Airpark North
Airpark North is a commercial plaza, located in Tampa, Florida, that is home to various stores and businesses.

120W LED Retrofit Kit Solutions For 400W Metal Halide Fixture Replacement in Loading Docks

Our Customer
After learning of the advantages of LED outdoor lighting, the owner of Airpark North decided to explore the possibilities of upgrading his commercial plaza to LED. At the time, the owner was paying $7,128.58 per year on electricity costs alone. He wanted to switch to LED to reduce his electricity bill, maintenance costs, and replacement costs. The parking lot of his commercial plaza was lit fairly well, but he wondered if LED lighting could make it even better. 

Our Solution 
HTM Lighting Solutions proposed a solution that involved replacing 34x 400W high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs with 34x 120W LED Retrofit Kits, each putting out over 15,600 Lumens within the parking lot of the commercial plaza. The previous inneficient Metal Halide bulbs used to draw over 13.6kW, while the NEW HTM Lighting Solutions' LED Retrofit Kits now only draw 4.08kW, making a difference of 9.52kW.

Results & Benefits
The immediate results were significant, as the new, instant start-up lighting was distributed very evenly and made the parking lot sufficiently brighter. The owner of the commercial plaza was pleasantly surprised by the results of the plaza parking lot lighting.

In the past, the owner of Airpark North was paying $7,128.58 per year on electricity and the new LED system will only cost him $2,138.57 per year. He will save an average of $4,990 annually. Over the course of the lifetime of the LED Retrofit Kits, which is over 11.45 years, the owner will save $57,120. In just 15 months, the owner will receive a return on his investment of the new LED system.

Parking Lot Light LED Retrofit Kits

Furthermore, because of the 9.52kW difference on the new system, the owner will save 75 cents per kW, which is equivalent to $714 on energy saving incentives per year. The owner will save $146.76 per light fixture and $4,990 total on annual energy savings with the new system

In addition, the owner will not only save money on energy and electricity costs, but he will also save money on maintenance and replacement costs. On average, a 400W HID Bulb requires to be replaced every 1.5-2 years. In contrast, the 120W LED LED Retrofit Kits provided by HTM Lighting Solutions will only need to be replaced every 11.45 years, based on actual usage. This saves the owner money on HID replacement bulbs, the cost to hire an electrician, and the cost to rent a lift, which is needed to reach and replace the bulbs.

All in all, by Upgrading to LED lighting, The owner of the commercial plaza was pleasantly surprised by the results of the plaza parking lot lighting.

Additional Information
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