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Kathleen Beauty Supply T12 To LED Lighting Retrofit Case Study


T12 8ft LED Replacements Tubes

8ft T12 Fluorescent to 8ft T8 LED Tubes Retrofit Case Study

Kathleen Beauty Supply

Kathleen Beauty Supply is a beauty supply store located in Lakeland, Florida, that provides its customers with quality skin, hair, and nail products.

Our Customer

In 2016, the owner of Kathleen Beauty Supply evaluated his lighting portfolio and realized that he was spending nearly $7,000 on electricity in his store per year. In addition to his costly electric bill, his beauty supply store was dimly lit, which made it hard for customers to accurately choose the correct beauty products for their skin, hair, and nails, among others. He attended the ISA trade show looking for a solution, and luckily, HTM Lighting Solutions was there to provide him with one.

Our Solution

HTM Lighting Solutions replaced 188x 8ft T12 75W fluorescent tubes and 20x 4ft T12 40W fluorescent tubes inside of Kathleen Beauty Supply with 188x 8ft 36W T12 Replacement Dual Ended LED Tubes and 20x 4ft 18W Dual Ended LED Tubes With Frosted Lens. The fluorescent tubes with a lifespan of only 12,000-15,000 hours were replaced with LED tubes with a lifespan exceeding 50,000+ hours. The fixtures pulling 150-Watts to 192-Watts, due to inefficient T12 technology, were retrofitted to 72W LED Fixtures, using HTM Lighting Solution's 8ft 36W LED Tubes.

Results & Benefits

Kathleen Beauty Supply’s previous lighting system cost over $6,988.80 per year, while the upgraded LED system will only cost a proposed $3,270.76 per year. The store expects to save $3,718.04 on electricity within the first year and to save over $51,000 throughout the lifetime of the LED Bulbs. After 16 short months, the owner of the Kathleen Beauty Supply will receive a full return on his investment, on energy savings alone.

The store was also awarded rebates of over $2,160 from Lakeland Electric Utility Company, which covered nearly a third of its upfront cost! Even further, HTM Lighting Solutions replaced T12 tubes with a life expectancy of only 3.30 years with LED Tubes that have a life expectancy of 13.74 years (based on customer's energy consumption). The new LED tubes will last 3 times as long as the previous bulbs while consuming less than half the original power consumption, which means the owner of Kathleen Beauty Supply will also save even more money on maintenance costs.

The CRI, or Color Rendering Index, is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source.

T12 High Output LED Tubes Storefront

Before the upgrade, the lighting inside of Kathleen Beauty Supply had a CRI of 78. HTM Lighting Solutions installed LED tubes with a new CRI of 82. Customers are now able to view the products with a higher CRI, enabling them to see the true colors of each one of the products.

Additionally, due to their short lifespan and low lumen maintenance, a lot of the fluorescent bulbs were very dim and incapable of properly lighting the store. The replacement LED tubes have a lifespan of 50,000+ hours and a lumen maintenance of 70%, therefore, after 50,000 hours the led tubes won’t turn off; they will emit 70% of the light that they emitted originally.

Overall, Kathleen Beauty Supply is now significantly brighter and much more aesthetically pleasing than it previously was.

8ft LED Tubes Replacement

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