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Benefits Of LED Corn Light Bulbs


What started off as a simple lighting technology almost the size of a thumbnail has now advanced to become one of the most favorable lighting options to exist.

Along with business owners looking for quality lighting options without extra costs, homeowners are also installing LED lights due to the amazing benefits they offer.

If you are also planning to make the switch from traditional fluorescent lighting to a more efficient lighting option, here are all the reasons why LED corn light bulbs are the way to go:

Better Energy Utilization

It is known that lighting accounts as the largest energy consumer around the world. Therefore, relying on traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting, knowing that most of the energy being used is being wasted in the form of heat, isn’t a sound decision to make.

LED corn light bulbs execute efficient utilization of energy at all times. These bulbs turn up to 90% of energy into direct light compared to traditional lights that waste over 80% of energy in the form of heat. Only knowing that all the energy you are paying for is being utilized in the best manner possible gives you the peace of mind you need.

LED Corn Light Bulbs Last Longer

LED lights are often referred to as the longest lasting bulbs. They are inherently directional which means they illuminate the precise space you want to. Furthermore, they don’t heat up as much and work perfectly with controls like occupational sensors. They are also less vulnerable to failing even under conditions where they require to be turned on/off frequently. All of these features contribute to the extensive lifespan LED corn bulbs display.

Sturdy and Shatterproof

Most traditional glass bulbs require replacements because of breakage. The thin glass shell can break upon the slightest of impact. On the other hand, LED corn light bulbs have a sturdy, high quality plastic housing which makes them resistant to shocks and vibrations. They are also able to withstand extreme weather conditions like rain or cold temperatures, making them ideal for outdoor lighting as well.

As a leading commercial LED lighting solutions provider, we maintain a complete collection of LED corn light bulbs for all your needs. Our bulbs undergo strict quality checks and are all rated IP64 for outdoor use.

Not sure which type of LED lighting to use for your specific commercial needs? Get in touch with us at +1 (813) 649-8899 to discuss your needs and find out the best option!

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  • Hugo Merminod