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Gooseneck Lights: Various Styles And Shades To Match Your Store’s Interior


Gooseneck lighting shows our dedication for vintage lighting trends and modifying them to bring them back into the modern era. Based on RLM warehouse shade designs that date back to almost a 100 years, at HTM Lighting, we have attempted to bring back these styles for modern commercial settings.

The high quality stainless steel fixture, along with a variety of finishes, ensures that the light withstands installation in demanding and taxing situations.

Today, gooseneck lights are being used to light up warehouses, storefronts, window displays and plenty of other retail environments. If you’re considering exploring our gooseneck lighting collection, we advise getting in touch with us so that we can advise you best on what works for you.

This blog post shares some of the most commonly used styles and shades and their ideal placement.

Gooseneck Angle Shades

Angle shaped gooseneck lights feature an arm that extends to the shade and bends slightly inwards to the wall it is installed on.

We have a wide collection of gooseneck angle shades with adjustable shades as well. Whether you are looking to light up a storefront or add a dose of aesthetics to your patio, angle shades are the way to go.

As the light is directional in nature, you can also install angle shades above displays to light up the products within. Explore our collection of gooseneck angle shades.

Warehouse Shades with Hung Stems

If you’re looking to add life to your warehouse while integrating rustic appeal, warehouse shades with hung stems are the way to go.

These shades have a straight arm which makes them direct light precisely under them. Due to their structure, these gooseneck lights are the perfect option for warehouse lighting as well as illuminating commercial complexes. Check out our complete collection of warehouse shades with hung stems.

Radial Wave Shade with Gooseneck

If you are looking for a stylish gooseneck shade that can go well with different decorative settings, you should check out our radial wave shade with gooseneck collection.

Perfect for lighting storefronts and display, this shade is also used by a large variety of our customers who are restaurant owners and are looking to illuminate parts of the restaurant to give off a specific ambient vibe. Check them all out here.

These are just a few of all the gooseneck light shades and types that are used across different indoor and outdoor commercial settings. If you are looking for gooseneck light fixtures, get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

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  • Hugo Merminod