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Commercial Lighting Trends to Watch Out For in 2017


Commercial Lighting Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

2017 Commercial Lighting TrendsTechnology is always advancing, and it’s no different in the lighting industry. New lighting technology is making, is possibly, making the biggest advancements since the LED bulb first came to the market. It’s an exciting time for us with new lighting technology advancements, and with the rapid pace of technology changes, it will only become more and more interesting.

Technology is continually progressing, and it's the same in the lighting business. New lighting technology, is perhaps, making the greatest headways since the LED bulb first went to the market. It's an energizing time for us with new lighting technology headways, and with the fast pace of technology changes, it will turn out to be increasingly intriguing.

Smart Lights

In the modern world, everything is connected to the internet —our washing machines, refrigerators, smartphones and our lives. Therefore, it is not surprising that even LED lights are incorporated into the technology.

With smart lights, the bulbs associate with smartphones through Bluetooth. Mobile apps are then used to control the smart bulbs. These brilliant lights can play out an assortment of tasks depending on the bulbs, including: turn on/off, choose color and brightness, schedule lights to turn on/off or dim, or even flash when you get a social media notification.

LED Advancements

LED lights are not a new subject to most, like smart lights. Innovations in LED technology are making way, and the market is expected to become bigger than ever before. The Department of Energy is making colossal steps towards more productive and longer lasting LED lights. This is on account of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy assert that utilizing LED lighting could decrease U.S. lighting utilization by half, and even be an answer for climate change. 

The eventual fate of LED lighting is extremely exciting, as we now have different alternatives for each light or fixture. LEDs can deliver a genuine replacement for most types of energy squandering incandescent lighting. What's more, it diminishes and kills the unsafe fluorescent, mercury-filled lights from our environment, while keeping up a sufficiently bright space.

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