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High Mounting Lighting Applications for Industrial Environments


High Mounting Lighting Applications for Industrial Environments 

High Mounting Lighting Applications for Industrial Environments

 LED lights are becoming more popular for commercial and industrial applications. Despite the initial higher cost than traditional light sources, LEDs are more reliable, durable and they don’t need any maintenance. The biggest advantage of LEDs is the long lifespan. On average, an LED light can last 50,000+ hours.

Industries ought to know that LED lighting is a financially savvy trade for fluorescents, HIDs, and other modern lighting. While beginning buy costs for LED lights are somewhat higher than fluorescents, the value contrast is only a one-time issue. In addition, they are vitality productive, which means ventures that utilize LED lighting will have a lesser electricity bill.

Business and industrial organizations should not exchange off for shorter starting payback periods—typically measured in months, they ought to search for long haul benefits, say for years. From a purely financial perspective, it makes sense to go for LED lights because of the long life and upkeep savings.

LED lights have an electronic driver, which are designed to face any type of rugged environment. Traditional industrial lighting, like HID HIF, HPS and metal halide bulbs, use a magnetic ballast that wear our fast.

In huge business and modern offices with many fluorescent or HID lights, servicing magnetic ballasts is very costly. In any case, LEDs are semiconductors with electronic drivers, which assume critical part in dealing with the power conveyance and makes the light vitality proficient. Since LEDs utilize electronic drivers, they furnish LED manufactures with the chance to incorporate control features like sensing, dimming and instant on/off into lighting installations for most extreme usefulness and effectiveness.

LED Industrial Lighting

How HTM Lighting Helps

HTM Lighting is a wholesale distributor and supplier of LED lighting products for commercial and industrial use. Our aim is to provide maximum support to industries, improve their productivity and help their workers’ efficiency improve.

LED Corn Lights

Our LED corn lights fit into standard lighting fixtures and offer a brighter and more energy efficient lighting solution for High Bay retrofits, Metal Halide/HPS Low Bay Retrofit, Parking Lot Light Fixtures and many others!

The Corn Lights are IP64 rated, which means they are dustproof and water resistant, and have a 360-degree beam angle, which is ideal for lighting commercial and industrial spaces such as warehouses, storage rooms, factories, supermarkets, and shopping malls.

LED Retrofit Kits

Our LED Retrofit Kits are available in many different wattages, allowing you to replace any HID bulbs ranging from 70W to 1000W. What does this mean for you? Over 75% energy savings on your bill by switching to LED.

Additionally, while the average HID bulb only last 15,000 hours, our LED Retrofit Kits will last over 50,000 hours and come with a 5-year warranty.

LED Tubes

Our 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, & 8ft LED Tubes are the perfect choice if you are looking to replace your old fluorescent tubes, with energy efficient LED technology. LED Tubes are 60% more efficient than its fluorescent equivalent.

LED Tubes are rated for 50,000+ hours, compared to fluorescent tubes, which are rated for an average of 10,000 hours. Our LED Tubes are suitable for dry indoor locations and sheltered outdoor use.

For further information and installation guidelines, contact us today. 

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