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Commercial LED Lighting’s Overlooked Benefits


Commercial LED Lighting’s Overlooked Benefits

Commercial LED Lighting’s Overlooked Benefits

Workplace lighting usually gets overlooked in the big picture of employee productivity, despite its constant effects. Yet,actually improving the light quality can be an overlooked benefit in productivity improvement, with the added benefit of saving significantly on energy costs.

According to the Hawthorne Effect study, lighting can impact employees in many ways, such as, comfort, mood, productivity, health, safety, quality, and retention. Lighting is one of the easiest paths to energy efficiency for highly visible result.

Studies have shown that better workplace lighting can reduce headaches and eyestrain, all caused by insufficient light levels. Natural light helps maintain good health as well as stimulating essential human functions in the brain. A good example is, on a cloudy day or in poor lighting conditions, the inability to see the colors from the light can affect our mood and energy level. This is a reason why most people usually want to go back to bed when they wake up on a rainy cloudy day.

By incorporating LED lighting in the commercial workplace, the time it takes to perform a specific task may, in fact, decrease. It was found that positive changes in performance were tied to better illumination from a better sense of worker safety.  

Not only do LED lights increase productivity in employees but, it also will cut down on energy bill drastically. Most businesses save up to 70% in energy costs and see a return on investment in as little as a year.

LED light bulbs have a rated lifespan of 50,000+ hours, compared to incandescent bulbs that are rated for a lifespan of 1, 200 hours and fluorescent bulbs that are rather for a lifespan of 8,000 hours. This means, the amount of maintenance needed is drastically reduced.

Most LED lights also do not require a ballast for the bulb to work. This is because they have an internal driver. By bypassing the ballast, you are greatly reducing the energy consumption, which again, causes a decrease in energy costs.  

LED Office Lighting

LED Tube Lights

Switching from traditional fluorescent lighting to LED lighting has many advantages. Like stated above, LED tubes are much more energy efficient and have a much longer lifespan. But, there are a few other LED lighting benefits that we haven’t talked about.

Fluorescent tubes have a 360-degree beam spread, which mean that only about 30% of the light created actually hits the intended target.  Most LED Tubes do NOT have a 360-degree beam spread. This is because LED technology uses diodes instead of fluorescing gas, which means, light can be emitted at a 110-degree beam spread. This allows for more of the light to hit its intended.

Another great advantage of LED Tubes is that they are completely free of mercury. In order for fluorescent tubes to operate, the require a small amount of highly toxic mercury. If a fluorescent tube breaks, it releases the mercury and can potentially cause a health and safety risk for people and the environment.

LED Corn Lights  

Not only is it essential to make sure the lighting inside your business is at its best but, so do your outside lights. Businesses want to make sure their customer feels safe on their journey from the parking lot to the business.

LED Corn Lights are commonly used as parking lot replacements for traditional HID and Metal Halide Bulbs. They give you the ability to save significant amounts of energy, while allowing customers to keep their current fixtures simply by retrofitting them with a quick and easy ballast bypass.

The lifespan of a LED Corn Light is rated at 50,000+ hours, in comparison to a Metal Halide Bulb whose lifespan is rated at 18,000 hours. On top of that, MH bulbs loose about 50% of their light output about 50% through the life of the bulb. With LED Corn Lights, once it reaches it 50,000 hours, it doesn’t just stop working, it simply means that it is now only producing about 70% of the original light output. Simply put, LED Corn Lights stay brighter and last longer.

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