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Pro Lighting Tips For Your Restaurant!


Many restaurant owners tend to forget some of the less obvious aspects that can help their restaurants become successful—LIGHTING.

It is important to enhance the mood of the restaurant through appropriate architectural lighting as it is a pivotal part of the overall design, and comfort of our valued consumers.

Lighting should be bright enough to allow customers to comfortably read menus and see their meals, but dim enough to create a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere for customer retention

The nature and intensity of your restaurant lighting depends on a number of factors, like the color of the walls, the ceiling height, flooring, table heights as well as the furniture.

Here are a few restaurant lighting ideas and tips to help you enhance your lighting within your restaurant to provide an above-average eating experience:

Evenly Lit Dining Area

There shouldn’t be pockets of overly bright or excessive dim lighting in the dining area. The intensity of the light can be high or low depending on the overall ambiance of your restaurant.

If it is a quaint restaurant, you should go for dim gooseneck light fixtures. However, the same might not work for fast food restaurants. In any case, the reception area should be well lit to appeal consumers, as well as enabling them to easily read the menu.

Light According To The Time Of The Day

If your restaurant is open throughout the day, you might need to use various types of restaurant lighting.

For instance, you will need plenty of light during breakfast, so that customers can read the newspaper while enjoying their coffee. As the day progresses, it is a good idea to gradually dim lighting to create a comfortable environment. A lot of LED Light bulbs are now dimmable, so that you can adjust the lighting levels throughout the day with the simple twist of a button.

Use Different Fixtures

Apart from the typical LED lights, consider using different types of restaurant lighting fixtures. Consider colored glass pendants, original barn lights or even chandeliers. At the same time, smaller candles or lamps can be placed on each table. A big restaurant lighting design tip is to not overdo it; keep it limited to 3 to 4 types of lights.

Don’t Skip Exterior Lighting!

Exterior restaurant lighting is as important as the interior; it makes the first impression, and engages customers to come in your restaurant to further discover the place. The right type of exterior lighting won’t just attract customers, as it will also help communicate that the restaurant is open for business. LED gooseneck light fixtures are perfect to illuminate doorways and your storefront signs to encourage nearby people to come in.

LED lights are rapidly gaining popularity among restaurants due to their exceptional energy savings benefits and variety. Check out our complete collection of original outdoor barn lighting fixtures and other LED lights. Feel free to get in touch with us for custom orders today!

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  • Hugo Merminod