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Commercial LED Lighting Buyer's Guide


When lighting a commercial space, many factors are at play that need to be accounted for, as not all lighting jobs are equal. Warehouses, hotels, and other businesses all fall under commercial lighting, yet they all need to be handled differently to ensure the best result for the job. So with all these factors, what is the best way to approach a particular lighting job? Here’s a quick LED buyer's guide to help get things started!

The main goal to consider with any commercial lighting project is to provide an efficient lighting solution while maintaining a Return on Investment. The more efficient the solution, the greater the return will be. Commercial lighting should fulfill a business’s needs, whether they include improving employee productivity and performance, or to create an inviting environment for clients.

Creating an effective lighting layout will also aid in maximizing a commercial lighting application to its full potential. Lighting levels should be even and consistent, with enough light to fulfill the need without creating too bright or too dim a lighting environment. In fact, proper indoor lighting is shown to even be better for your health!

Thankfully, professional handbooks have been created to assist with ensuring proper lighting such as the IESNA Lighting Handbook, which addresses recommended lighting for different applications. Such handbooks address standardizing different aspects to consider in a lighting project, such as Footcandles or Lux, lighting power densities, Correlated Color Temperature, and even Outdoor Pole Spacing for Parking Lots!

Since LED technology is incredibly efficient with longer lifespans and lower maintenance costs than traditional lighting sources, a return of investment is nearly guaranteed on a retrofit project.

With an enormous variety of color temperatures and lighting options, LED Lighting also is able to fulfill multiple needs in a business, with newer LED fixtures even featuring CCT and Wattage-Tunable settings to maximize customizability with one fixture type!

So why not switch over to LED and provide an efficient and affordable solution to your business’s lighting needs!

Please feel free to reach out to us for a quick energy savings calculation, or if you need a lighting layout to optimize your next lighting project! You can request a complimentary quote on your lighting project or simply provide some additional input by giving us a call at (813)-649-8899 or simply emailing us at

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  • Michael Tomas