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Pro Lighting Tips For Your Restaurant!

Many restaurant owners tend to forget some of the less obvious aspects that can help their restaurants become successful—LIGHTING.

It is important to enhance the mood of the restaurant through appropriate architectural lighting as it is a pivotal part of the overall design, and comfort of our valued consumers.

Gooseneck Lights for Garage Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting for garages comes in all styles, sizes and shapes. But when it comes to figuring out the perfect garage lights for you, we are not biased when we suggest gooseneck lights as an option.

At HTM Lighting, along with endless LED lighting solutions, we also specialize in gooseneck lights that give your garage the perfect touch. Browse through our collection and explore the various options to get yourself started today.

UL Classified LED Corn Lights for HID Sign Retrofit

HID Sign Cabinet Conversion to LED

HTM Lighting Solutions
is proud to announce that it is now offering a UL Classified affordable solutions for HID Sign Cabinet Retrofit! Our LED Corn Lights with E39 Mogul Base are now LED Retrofit Kits intended to replace HID type sign applications!

The components to the kits are self-ballasted LED Corn Lights for HID Replacement. This system was specifically designed to retrofit existing UL Listed Signs.

Going For Dimmable LEDs? Check Out These Dos and Don’ts

Dimmable LED lights are growing fast in popularity, however, even with the expansive growth, there is still some space for improvement if users understand how they can optimize it.

LED lights, on their own, have captured the attention of customers worldwide in a way that other alternatives have never been able to do. The exceptional energy savings along with the versatility make LEDs one of the few popular lighting options today.

Explore the Business Benefits of LED Lighting

Since their introduction, LEDs have taken the commercial lighting industry by storm. A large number of businesses are now switching to LED options to make their businesses more cost effective and efficient.

Even though LED prices continue to decrease, constant technological advancements have been making it the perfect replacement for traditional lighting solutions. In this blog post, we shed light on some of the most important business benefits of LED lighting:

Love Gooseneck Barn Lights? Here Are A Few Places To Use Them For A More Decorative Look

It’s no surprise that vintage lighting trend, barn lighting, is in full swing these days.

Most barn lights available today utilize a classic metal shade in an industrial style. They also feature the traditional gooseneck frame which extends the light towards the fixture.